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Terms & Conditions –

A formal purchase order signed and approved, describing all technical details and quantity is required in order to start the production. A purchase order can be sent by fax to +86 755 33317108 or by email preferably in PDF format. Purchase orders are not valid unless signed. Claims will not be recognized based on verbal orders.

1. Assembly Order Acceptance is not guaranteed until your account is found in good standing.
2. Order Cancellation will be subject to costs already incurred plus a minimum cancellation charge of $250.
3. A 30 days written, signed and approved notification has to be sent in the event of repeated orders cancellation.

Payment Terms:
1. Payments for all invoices will be as per terms mentioned in our Quotations and Pro Forma Invoices. Customer shall not withhold payment against invoices already raised for any reason whatsoever, like unsatisfactory workmanship, pending rework or non-functioning boards or for any other reason. (for mitigation of these reasons, see Warranty and Limited Liability Clauses below).
2. If the payment for the Order is being done using a credit card then, by providing us a credit card number, you are also authorising us to charge the card as per our policies.
Kejie PCB requires upfront payments for prototype or orders with a total value up to USD 3,000. Kejie PCB will also accept payments within 30 days from the date of invoice (for qualifying customers). These are Kejie Pcb standard terms, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. A service charge of 1.5% monthly or 15% annually, or the maximum allowed by law, will be charged on all balances over 30 days from date of invoice. You agree to pay all collection costs, reasonable legal fees and court fees should Kejie PCB be required to undertake collection actions on the invoice.

Warranty & Liability: If you are buying PCBs only, then warranty extends only to bare PCBs and does not apply after components are added by you or others. Our liability shall not exceed price paid for the ordered PCBs. No change or addition to these terms, or any additional or different terms on your purchase order, shall be binding on us unless executed in writing by one of our officer. Kejie PCB (Quataris Trend technologies Group) guarantees your boards will be manufactured per your purchase order, artwork and drawings.

Defective boards: Kejie PCB, at Kejie Pcb’s option, will replace or repair defective boards at no charge or credit your account. Your requirements must be sent in writing and approved by Kejie Pcb prior to manufacturing.
Unacceptable boards:they must be returned to Kejie PCB within 30 days of delivery before replacements, repairs, or credits can be authorised (if there was an advanced payment). In the unlikely event of unacceptable boards, Kejie PCB assumes liability for bare boards only. In no event shall Kejie PCB’s liability exceed the original purchase order. This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. Kejie PCB neither assumes nor authorises any other person or company to assume for it any other liability in connection with services rendered.

1. Assembly workmanship: All assembly workmanship will be as per IPC-A-610 unless otherwise directed in writing. All soldering will be using standard Tin/Lead solder in case of standard solder process assembly OR ROHS compliant solder in case of ROHS assembly and water soluble OA flux unless otherwise directed in writing.
2. ASSEMBLY WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY: We warrant each assembly for workmanship up to 30 days after shipment. In case of any unsatisfactory assembly workmanship, we will repair the assembly free of charge OR credit the quoted cost of the assembly labor at our sole discretion. Any modifications done to the assemblies by customer will nullify our warranties.
3. LIMITED LIABILITY-I: We are not liable for rework, repair or replacement for any faulty components supplied to us by customer or purchased by us from vendors in accordance with customer supplied BOMs.
4. LIMITED LIABILITY-II: We are neither responsible nor liable for assembled boards found non-functioning during testing by customer; we are only responsible for assembly workmanship performed as per customer supplied data.
5. LIMITED LIABILITY-III: In no case shall our liability exceed the price charged to you for the job performed by us. We are not liable for any assemblies beyond 30 days after shipment.
6. NO OTHER WARRANTY: We give no other warranty; either expressed or implied, and we specifically disclaim all other warranties, including warranties for merchantability and fitness.
7. No change or addition to these terms above, or any additional or different terms on your purchase order, shall be binding on us unless executed in writing by one of our officers.

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