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A low cost Flexible PCB or Rigid PCB prototype gets you started with your business.

We value new ideas, that's why we provide free of charge* pcb samples before going big.

Request a quote for your flex or rigid PCB.

Start saving $$$ Money.

In our facilities we provide SMT and SMD assembly service, as well as manual assembly for prototype purposes.

The PCB Assembly service is for rigid and flexible boards.

No Project is Too Big Or Too Small.

Rigid Pcb

We offer Pcb reverse engineering and Pcb cloning.

Turn your Printed Circuit board CAD design into a finished product.

  • Zip your Gerger data file and all instructions in one file.
  • Provide us with the quantity needed for production.
  • If manual or SMD/SMT assembly is required, add the BOM list of components.
  • Include all assembly instructions if there are any.
  • Once we review your project, a sales person will contact you for confirmation and preparation for production.

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Count on our expertise, on our support and problem solving.
We are a leading Rigid and Flexible pcb manufacturer in China.
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Kejie PCB Finished board

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Types: Rigid pcb, Flex pcb, HDI, Multi-layer pcb, Aluminum pcb, Reverse Engineering, circuit cloning.

Our main core business:

Low-cost rigid and flexible pcb prototypes and samples
Turnkey pcb Assembly service.
One stop service.
High quality production for over 20 years.
Multiple Payment Options availble.

Request a PCB Quote.

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Our services

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Components Sourcing

Direct source to multiple vendors

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Low Cost PCB

Samples and Prototype

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Worldwide shipping

Express service at affordable rates

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PCB for students

Discount for Universities and Technical schools

As a leading PCB manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer a wide range of PCB fabrication in our facilities. We don’t offer PCB designing. All kinds of quick-turn prototype and small volume manufacture to different industries such as telecommunication, consumptive electronics, aviation, industrial test and control, medical equipment, power supply, research institution, and national defense, etc. Whether your project consists of small quantity prototype or PCB mass production or full SMT ASSEMBLY service, we are here to give you a professional high-quality service available 24/7.

Is your design ready? Request a PCB quotation now, our sales representatives will be in touch with you promptly.

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Do you accept sample orders?

We welcome sample orders. Usually sample orders are for quantity between 0 ~ 100 pcs.

What's your lead time for prototypes?

(In normal working conditions):
2 layers – 5/6 days
4 layers – 7/8 days
6 layers – 9/10 days
8 layers – 9/10 days
10 layers – 10/11 days

Do you print Flex Rigid PCB?

Yes, our facilities are equipped to produce printed circuit boards that combine properties of both rigid board and flexible circuits assimilated into one circuit. Based on the application, flex boards can consist of multiple layers. State of flex usually kept constant and formed in curved shape during manufacturing or at the time of installation.

Do you offer assembly service?

We value our client’s time and efficiency. That’s why we have studied and prepared a solution that will go above the production of the circuit.

Process: PCB fabrication, SMT with components of your choice, testing, packaging and finally shipping.
This is our All in one PCB solution.
Headache free.

If you need a complete PCB service, One Stop PCB package is our best choice.

What files do you accept for production?

We usually accept Gerber files RS-274X format.
The Gerber format is an open 2D binary vector image file format. It is the standard file used by printed circuit board (PCB) industry software to describe the printed circuit board images: copper layers, solder mask, legend, etc.

How do you ship out orders?

Our logistic department hands the parcels to our correspondent agent that deals with the most convenient express courier (DHL, UPS and Fedex) at the time of shipping, which can deliver your goods within a time frame of 3~6 days. We can get favorable rates with them as we ship out packages every day. If you have your own account with an express courier, when confirming the order, please include your account number. For certain countries, like Russia or South America, EMS service is available.

What payments do you accept?

We are proud to work with customers of various sizes. In a world as big as ours, every customers need to use different form of payments. Wether you’re a large corporation that prefers to pay with credit or a smaller company that prefers money transfer, cash, or Paypal, we can tailor an option that can suit your payment neeeds. (*Terms and Conditions)

Client Testimonials

“Regular orders: I have been working with Kejie since 2007. I plan my PCB production well in advance, usually every 3 months, so I have Kejie arrange my orders smoothly and on time.”



“We started off with a very simple PCB in 2006. Kejie has helped us grow. Currently Kejie is producing our best boards, supplying us with all the components we need and also lately doing assembly service at an affordable price. Thanks so much for the great work.”


Dominican Republic

“I met Kejie team back in 2006. I have been ordering our monthly PCB needs since then. Our orders have always been fulfilled completely and we have managed to have a mutual benefit relationship since the very beginning.”



100% Satisfaction


If for any reasons your pcb is not what you expected, then we will offer re-production until you are 100% satisfied.

Kejie PCB Finished board
Kejie PCB Finished board
Kejie PCB Finished board
Kejie PCB Finished board
Kejie PCB Finished board
Kejie PCB Finished board
Kejie PCB Finished board
Kejie PCB Finished board

Flexible Pcb

flexible pcb