Unlock Your Innovation: Get Free PCB Samples and Flex PCB Prototypes

Prototyping Pcb Services

We offer prototyping pcb services to assist clients in testing and refining their designs.
Feel free to explore new possibilities and try our service.

if you order PCB samples from us and later choose to mass-produce the same part, the sample cost will be deducted from your mass production order

It’s a straightforward process!

Pcb samples Flex Pcb Prototype Rigid Flex PCb prototype

How to receive free Pcb samples from us

To request your free PCB samples, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Us: Reach out to our customer support team via the Pcb quotation form. Provide details about the specific PCB samples you need.
  2. Part Number and Specifications: Make sure to write the part number and any specific requirements (such as dimensions, layers, or material type).
  3. Confirmation: Once your request is received, our team will confirm the details and arrange for the samples to be shipped to you.
  4. Evaluate and Decide: Upon receiving the samples, evaluate their quality and alignment with your requirements.
  5. Mass Production Order: If satisfied, proceed with your mass production order for the same part, and the sample cost will be credited.

Feel free to explore innovation with our free PCB samples! 

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