Kejie PCB (Quataris Trend Technologies Group) is a true global supplier to the electronics industry across Mainland China and the world.

Most of our clients, not satisfied with their current regional vendor’s delivery and service, seek us out to solve their engineering challenges and meet their delivery schedules.

Our vast global client list includes major medical and audio OEM’s in Europe, Test and Measurement companies in Asia and South America (Mexico- Argentina- Brazil), Research Development firms in Australia, Italy, Spain and Canada and Military and Industrial Control Contractors in England and South Africa.

We also have wide range of clients from Philippines and Thailand and we face challenging projects coming from Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Poland. We have tremendous amount of experience working with companies in different time zones and in different languages.

When possible, we can accommodate languages such as Italian, French, Spanish and of course, English.


Have a quick look at our main facilities: