Our Rigid-flex PCB production & Capabilities

We operate several complete in house PCB Fabrication in China. Our printed circuit board manufacturing plants are capable to take your application from concept to production. We can work with numerous data formats without comprising quality.

Our engineers are experienced in wide variety of flexible printed circuit boards, rigid flex pcb design and assemblies and are diverse enough to take on any challenge. As a rigid flex pcb manufacturer, Kejie Circuits has gained excellent reputation for outstanding work in Flex Rigid pcb manufacturing for industries such as Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Opto Electronics, Medical, Industrial controls, Semiconductor, Test & Measurements, Wireless Networks, and Military sectors.

Whether your circuit needs are for flat flexible cable, flexible printed circuits boards, rigid flex circuits, rigid flex circuits or other. We think we have the capability to meet your needs. We offer value added services that will assist you with bringing your flexible circuit design into reality.

Rigid flex Pcb technical details for production:

Type of Rigid-flex PCB

HDL Multilayer PCB, Buried/Blind Via Board, High Frequency Board, Aluminum base board Rgid-flex PCB and Fpc

Rigid-flex Pcb Materials:

FR-4, Alluminum, Non-halogen, lead-free compatibility, High TG, High CTI, Cem-1, Cem-3

Rigid-flex Pcb Layers:

2-12 Layers

Rigid-flex Pcb Surface finish:

HAL, Plated Nickel/Gold, Immersion Gold, Lead-free Compatibility OSP, Carbon Ink, Protective Adhesive, Tin Plating, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Thickly Plated Gold finger, Immersion Gold + Thickly Plated Gold finger, Immersion Silver + Thickly Plated Gold Finger

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