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We value new ideas, that's why we provide free of charge* pcb samples before going big.

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    How to get your FREE Pcb prototypes and samples with us.

     You have been working hard on your project and idea.

    It’s time to test your PCB. Best way is to create samples or prototype.

    At Kejie pcb we have prepared a special OFFER for you: we will produce your Prototype/sample PCB free of charge.

    “How does this offer work?”

    Once you have your data files ready (gerber files) click here to fill in the request of quote form.
    You need to have a minimum quantity of 10~100 pcs to make (we will inform you the minimum quantity to produce in order to get this offer).
    We will review your project and we will send you a Proforma invoice with the cost of the PCB as well as the shipping fee.
    You will need to pay this invoice and we will produce your prototype or samples.

    “but, didn’t we say it is FREE?”

    Here comes the OFFER.
    Once you have received your PCB, please get back to us and mention that the order was successfully received .
    If you confirm the prototype, we will waive the cost you paid when you pass your first mass production order for the same part.

    Ain’t that simple?

    Free Prototype PCB KeJie

    Get The PCB Prototype You Need

    At Kejie Pcb we build every circuit board custom to our customer’s specifications. We build the PCB that you need and not just a standard off the shelf circuit board with minimal capabilities.

    Every circuit board order goes through a design review in our engineering department to ensure the manufacturability of your circuit board design and reliability of you PCB gerber data.

    Low Cost Prototype Circuit Boards

    We offer low cost printed circuit board prototypes at a variety of lead times. With no minimum order quantities, you can order your PCB prototypes and have them in as little as 3 days with our available quick turn PCB solutions. You will only have to pay for tooling once when moving your PCB design into mass production.

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