Kejie Pcb’s major PCB  Equipment  

Production Capacity

Layer Counts: 1-14

Material: FR-4, High TG FR-4, PTFE, Aluminum Base, Rogers.

Maximum Size: 500mmX600mm

Board Outline Tolerance: ±0.13 mm

Board Thickness: 0.20mm—6.00mm

Thickness Tolerance (t=0.8mm): ±8%

Thickness Tolerance (t<0.8mm): ±10%

Insulation Layer Thickness: 0.075mm—5.00mm

Minimum Line: 0.2mm

Minimum Space: 0.2mm

Out-layer Copper Thickness: 35µm—175µm

In-layer Copper Thickness: 17µm-175µm

Drilling Hole (Mechanical): 0.15mm—6.35mm

Finish Hole (Mechanical): 0.15mm—6.30mm

Diameter Tolerance (Mechanical): 0.05mm

Registration (Mechanical): 0.075mm

Aspect Ratio: 8:1

Solder Mask Type: Ink

SMT Mini. Solder Mask Width: 0.08mm

Mini Solder Mask Clearance: 0.05mm

Plug Hole Diameter; 0.25mm—0. 60mm

Impedance Control Tolerance: ±10%

Surface Finish: HASL, ENIG, Chem, Tin, Flash Gold, OSP, Gold finger


Application : Telecommunication, Network, Industrial control, Medical equipment, PC& periphery


1) Characteristic: 0.5mm CSP

Blind & Buried Hole

Application : Blue tooth

2) Characteristic: up to 12 layer, Tg170℃

0.8mm BGA

±10% Impendance control

Application: Telecommunication, Network, Medical equipment, etc

3) Characteristic: Al-Base

Application: Power supply, Power Amplifier, relay, LED,etc

4) Characteristic: Up to 16 layer, Blind & Buried hole

Heavy copper 950z), Up to 6.0 mm board thickness

Application: Secondary Power source