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Flexible printed circuits

Our facility is equipped to produce and manufacture all kinds of flexible printed circuits (FPC). We are a high quality flexible printed circuit board supplier/manufacturer in China (Guangdong Shenzhen).


Flexible printed circuits (FPC or FPCB) is made of flexible dielectric base material and main material is Polyimide CCL, which is pressed with cover film with mechanical protection and good dielectric properties. FPC is also classified by SS, DS and ML.  DS&ML get a conductivity by metallization.
Advantages of FPC: easily flex and fold, freely arrange by the lay-out to get the integrity of component assembly and conductor. It would be easy for the transportation, assembly, connection, etc. Therefore, FPC is widely used in aviation, military, mobile communication, IT product, Industrial equipment, etc.

1) Application territory for flexible PCB(FPC)
1.    mobile phone, battery of mobile phone, communication equipment.
2.    IT product such as notebook, computer and attachment, PDA
3.    Video product such as CD-Rom, VCD, DVD
4.    Office automation machine such as printer, fax machine, and copying machine.
5.    Advanced camera and digital camera
6.    Industrial equipment such as medical machine, control-circuits, automobile appearance.
7.    Aerospace and aviation

2) Major production equipments
– CNC Drilling machine
– Optical target hole machine
– High energy exposuring machine
– Eteching machine
– Punching machine
– Small lamination machine
– Lamination machine
– Automatic silk-screen machine
– Electronic plating line
– Chemical immersion Au line

3)Mayor testing equipment
– Bending endurance tester
– Flexural endurance tester
– Projection magnify tester
– Peel strength test machine
– Microscope
– Florescent X-ray coating thickness gange
– CCD magnify tester

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